Hi! I’m RaeAn. I’m bisexual. Or queer. Or something. I like people who are pretty. Doesn’t matter what’s between their legs.

I was in the LGBT Studies program in college and throughout my four years there, I became incredibly frustrated with the lack of bisexual inclusion — in the classes, in academia, in queer theory, in the queer community, in everything. I found that LGBT Studies really meant “LG (and a little t) Studies” and the B was just thrown in there because someone thought that it might deserve a mention somewhere  because God knows it won’t be mentioned anywhere else.

Whenever a class touched on bisexual issues, it was because I brought them up. The professors never included bisexuality in their syllabus. I would do my semester projects on bisexual identity, bisexual parents, bisexual books, bisexual political movements, because the classes otherwise only mentioned lesbian, gay, and transgender identity, LGT parents, LGT literature, LGT political movements. When I did bring up a discussion about bisexuality, it was amazing how many questions there were from other students: some curiosities, some misconceptions, and yes, some insults. But mostly, it was ignorance–nobody knew what bisexuality meant, understood it, knew what “bisexual politics” would even mean and why would it be any different from gay and lesbian politics? Well, I would respond, sometimes it isn’t any different from gay and lesbian politics, but sometimes it is.

I want to show people why.

Bisexuals are misunderstood. Queers who don’t fit into the LG categories are grossly underrepresented and hardly ever recognized as the vibrant part of the queer community we are.

We may be ambiguous. But we exist.

Let’s explore our issues together.


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